Greg Orloff is a sculptor, metalsmith, and mixed media artist from St. Louis, Missouri. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in sculpture from University of Missouri and Masters in Psychology from Ryokan College. Currently, Greg resides in Los Angeles, CA at the Brewery Artist Colony next to downtown L.A. There he has established a jewelry and sculpture fabrication shop where he creates his own work as well as performs jewelry and antique repairs.


When creating a piece of jewelry, there are many things are taken into consideration, such as materials, scale, color, texture, and so on. This then naturally influences the design of the jewelry, if the esthetic is determined to look gritty/rugged then the piece should communicate this through texture, patina, and visual weight. With esthetic in mind, I’m also fascinated as to how jewelry complement/alters/enhances the body’s ego as well as one’s persona when worn. I design and create with the intention that the piece will have a natural “fit” when viewed on the body as well as for how the wearer personally feels while wearing it. Whether that be empowerment or prestige to vanity and self-preservation, it’s what makes wearing jewelry so special in how it makes the wearer feel, connected to it and how it communicates with others in the surrounding world.